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By | May 26, 2022

Christmas, the biggest festival of Christians in this country, is celebrated with joy, but do you know why Christmas is celebrated only on 25 December and why Christmas is celebrated as well as how Christmas is celebrated-

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Why Christmas Day is celebrated on 25 December:

On 25 December, people of Christianity celebrate this festival with great pomp, so it is celebrated that on this day Lord Jesus i.e. Lord Isha Christ was born and that is why we celebrate this day as Christmas Day. And Christmas is celebrated in his memory, behind every festival there is a hidden story, as if we believe in Diwali, then behind it is the story of Shri Ram, if we believe in Holi, then behind it is the story of the devotee Prahlad.

In the same way, there is a story behind the festival of Christmas, this story is about 2000 years old, according to the Bible, Rome used to be ruled at that time and many atrocities were also done on the people, the rule of Rome to ease the suffering of the people. The Lord sent his child Jesus to earth

The Lord chose to marry a virgin girl there for the birth of Jesus and the Lord sent a Devadat to marry, Devadat went to marry and said that you have to give birth to the Lord’s son Jesus and Devadat came and told this too. That this beta of yours will grow up to become a king and will get rid of the atrocities being committed on the people.

How do you plant a Christmas tree?

according to recognition christmas tree The tree should be planted or kept in the north direction, you can also keep it in the north-east direction, the second thing should be kept in mind that the shape of the Christmas tree should be triangular because the triangular shape in Vastu is considered a symbol of fire.

5 lines on Christmas in English:

  1. Christmas is celebrated on 25 th December
  2. it is the birthday of Jesus Christ
  3. Santa Claus brings gift for children on Christmas
  4. people invite friends and relatives at their home during Christmas
  5. people decorate their houses with Christmas tree, colorful balls, ribbons and lights

How to make Christmas tree at home:

You can use any plant to make a Christmas tree, such as a palm plant, a Christmas tree plant, a more beautiful Christmas tree will be made on these plants and can be made from rice and using paper can also make small Christmas trees in the form of art. Or else you can make a Christmas tree by calling the Palsik stuff.

Christmas Day Picture 2022


Q: Why is Christmas called the Big Day?

Ans: Christmas is called the big day because on this day Jesus Christ or Jesus God was born and Christmas also marks the beginning of the 12-day celebration Christmastide.

Q: Where is the Christmas festival celebrated in summer?

Ans: in australia Christmas The festival of is celebrated in summer

Q: Why is Christmas celebrated in Australia in summer?

Ans: Christmas in Australia is celebrated in the summer because when it gets cold at the North Pole on Earth, the Sun turns south and in the month of December, Australia gets more heat, at the same time Christmas is celebrated in Australia.

Q: What happens when you plant a Christmas tree?

Ans: According to Vastu Shastra, Christmas tree enhances the sense of togetherness between children and elders, it works to keep the traditions alive along with the family, so it maintains harmony among all the members of the house.

Q: What is on 25th December 2022?

Ans: Christmas is on 25th December

Q: Whose birthday is celebrated on 25th December?

Ans: The birth of Lord Ishu Bhagwan is celebrated on 25th December.

Q: Why is Good Friday celebrated?

Ans: According to Christian texts, the day on which Jesus Christ died was a Friday and Good Friday is celebrated in memory of this.

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