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10 Body Myths You Should Stop Passing To Other People

To date, numerous researches have been done to understand the mechanism of the human body. As interesting as our bodies are, many absurd myths about our body have spread their roots deep in our society. Some of these myths are so old that it is difficult to separate them from science. Here in this article,… Read More »

11 Successful TV Actors Who Suffered Disappointing Careers In Bollywood

Bollywood is more than just a movie industry; it is a dream for everyone who aspires to leave a mark in terms of their acting talent behind. While most people think success comes from being a part of the big screen alone, some actors will contradict this statement. For decades now, many famous TV soap… Read More »

6 Side Effects Of Fast Food On Your Body

Fast food has become an everyday staple in the diets of most city dwellers. It satisfies our taste buds and provides a low-cost solution to our hunger pangs. Fast food is frequently chosen over homemade food because of the quick preparation time – and honestly, who feels like cooking a three course meal when they… Read More »