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Bank of Russia Reportedly Looking at Legalizing Crypto Cross Border Payments – BeInCrypto

Following Global sanctions issued against Russia to cripple its economy over the country’s invasion of Ukraine, It seems Russia has had enough time to think of the consequences and is moving to bypass sanctions by legalizing crypto cross-border settlements for the foreseeable future The Russian Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Russia said that… Read More »

Bank of Russia to Greenlight Cross-Border Payments With Crypto (Report)

In a rather swift departure from its prewar crypto stance, the Bank of Russia is weighing in on the possibility of legalizing crypto for facilitating cross-border payments in the near future. As local news agency TASS reported, the country’s central bank and the Ministry of Finance have agreed that “it is impossible to do without… Read More »

Sanction Breaches Must Be Reported, UK Tells Crypto Exchanges in a Rule Update: Report

The United Kingdom’s Office of Financial Sanction Implementation (OFSI) has included “cryptoassets” in a list of assets that must be frozen if they belong to a person or company who is facing sanctions. These developments come as the list of sanctioned Russian entities continue to increase. Eye on Sanctioned Accounts, Breaches As per the new… Read More »