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By | March 27, 2022

Ever since the initial tease of RRR back in late 2017, there were quite a few apprehensions laid to rest only because of the confidence that people have on the man helming the project. Fans of two of the most beloved and promising actors in Tollywood didn’t bother contesting their idol’s screentime or character presentation. DVV Danayya, the producer, didn’t stress investing a good amount of change into a standalone period-drama, and there were no uncertainties regarding the quality of the movie when it kept postponing multiple times over the past two years.

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This is the amount of trust, love, and respect that SS Rajamouli garnered over his 21-year old career, which includes 12 blockbuster films and zero failures. With RRR, he attempted to resurrect the golden era’s grandeur of bringing together two stars with an equal amount of following together on-screen in the most vibrant, emotional, and entertaining way possible and ended up delivering a blockbuster for the ages.

Starring Ram Charan and Jr. NTR in the lead roles, the storyline of RRR is simple and begins with a little girl of the Gond tribe being taken away by the British, and the protector of the tribe vouches to bring her back home. Along the way, he trusts and becomes good friends with a police officer, and the rest of the film showcases their friendship, individual goals, and the underlying emotion that carries the entire narrative.

From his multiple interviews over the years, SS Rajamouli always stresses instilling emotion into every aspect of his films, and RRR is no different. It is the emotion that drives this latter’s storyline and takes the front seat in almost every facet from the action to the songs and the characterizations. And that’s the uniqueness that Rajamouli possesses and the secret mantra behind how he manages to deliver a blockbuster every time and caters to almost every age demographic.

Spectacular action scenes have always been a mainstay in Rajamouli films as he successfully manages to implement his ideas from paper to the big screen with top-notch intensity and bravado. To not much surprise, there are multiple action episodes in RRR that are innovative, breathtaking to watch on the big-screen, brilliantly choreographed, and executed very precisely.

The action sequences are complemented equally well with the stunning visuals, which, at least on paper, are very tough to execute. K. K. Senthil Kumar, Rajamouli’s long-time collaborator, tested quite a few things that were unique, and his colleagues, Sabu Cyril, the production designer, and Srinivas Mohan, the visual effects supervisor, helped him accomplish the director’s grand ideas.

M. M. Keeravani, the only collaborator of Rajamouli for all his films when it comes to music, once again came with all guns blazing, be it the songs or the background score. Especially in RRR, where there are no romantic and heavy dance numbers with the female lead, the music solely relied on the emotions of the storyline had to offer, and Keeravani utilized this special opportunity to the full potential. Songs like Dosti and Komaram Bheemudo had so much sentiment and drama riding on them, and they blended well with the characterizations and the plot.

RRR Movie Review Hindi

On to the performances, yet another magnificent thing Rajamouli pulled off with ease is the equal character significance of both the lead actors. Jr. NTR, in an avatar that is pretty much alien to him, pulled off his career-best performance, in my opinion. His innocence and the underlying fiery aggression were stunning to look at on the big screen, and his character is a crowd pleaser and easily relatable.

His counterpart Ram Charan also delivered a career-best performance which required him to play a semi-antagonist in the movie. Once again, much like NTR, Charan’s eyes did a lot of talking and emoted his forced ruthlessness amazingly. Although NTR impressed for the majority of the runtime, it was Ram Charan’s Alluri Seeta Rama Raju’s avatar during the climax that stole the show inside and out. Ajay Devgn and Alia Bhatt with the minimal amount of screentime had a significant part to play, and they did not disappoint at any point.

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Overall, RRR had a few problems when it comes to the actual base of the plot, the rushed climax, and pacing issues. But, director SS Rajamouli still manages to overcome these issues with bombastic action sequences and heart wrenching emotion that acted as the heart and soul of the film. Also, the two lead actors are in top form and portrayed their characters with so much passion, and it is a treat to watch on the big screen. This movie is a true spectacle and a fierce entertainer that only Rajamouli is competent to pull off on such a lavish scale.

‘RRR Movie’ Rating – 3.5/5

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