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IMF Pitches for Comprehensive Global Regulatory Policy for Cryptocurrencies

Taking note of how cryptocurrencies have emerged as a mainstream choice for a variety of purposes, IMF has called for a coordinated, consistent, and comprehensive global response to the evolving regulatory requirements. Need for Consistent Regulatory Policy Cryptocurrencies have come to be cross-border and cross-sector entities used for speculative investments, hedge against weak currencies, and… Read More »

Australian Federal Police Established a Crypto Unit to Target Criminals (Report)

The Australian Federal Police – an independent agency responsible for investigating crime and protecting the country’s national security – reportedly formed a new cryptocurrency unit. The goal is to detect criminals who use digital assets in their activities, such as money launderers, and bring them to justice. Applying strict regulations on the digital asset sector… Read More »

UK’s New Prime Minister Advocated for Pro-Crypto Regulations

The United Kingdom finally has a new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the face of Liz Truss, who spoke positively about the cryptocurrency industry several years ago. To become the UK’s next PM, Truss was chosen over Rishi Sunak (Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2020 to 2022), who also favors digital assets. Earlier… Read More »