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Tactical bullet hell RPG Grid Force out next week

Tactical bullet hell RPG Grid Force – Mask of the Goddess is set for release on 15th September. The game comes from UK developer Dreamnauts Studio and features a diverse, all-female cast of characters. It will release first on Steam, followed by Xbox and Switch versions soon after. The game… Read More »

State of the Game: The Sims 4 – a game of cycles that could do with starting anew

The Sims has been around for 22 years now, with even the fourth, and most recent, numbered entry being a venerable eight years old. My first time playing the original was a communal experience in the sixth form common room, crowded around a friend’s laptop. We created a replica of said common room, populated… Read More »

Sea of Thieves celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day with XP-boosting community event

Sea of Thieves is getting in the spirit of Talk Like a Pirate Day with a week of celebrations that’ll include the swashbuckling multiplayer adventure’s latest XP-boosting community event. The general festivities begin on Thursday, 15th September (running until Tuesday, 20th September), bringing a free Arrrgh! emote for anyone that logs in during… Read More »

Phasmophobia getting custom difficulty this month, updated roadmap released

Kinetic Games has released an updated development roadmap for its deliciously spooky ghost hunting sim Phasmophobia, with the game’s custom difficulty feature now set to release this month with plenty more on the way. As Kinetic explains in a new Steam post, the team has now revised its early access roadmap for 2022… Read More »

This week’s Ubisoft Forward digital showcase will “unveil the future” of Assassin’s Creed

This Saturday brings another edition of Ubisoft Forward, showcasing the publisher’s roster of upcoming games, and in the run-up to its arrival Ubisoft has shared more on what viewers can expect to see when tuning in, including a look at the future of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. As previously announced, Ubisoft Forward gets… Read More »

Torchlight: Infinite reimagines the series as a free-to-play game for PC and mobiles

The Torchlight series is returning – although this time as a free-to-play game for PC, iPhone and Android devices. An early Steam version of the game is available to download now, as part of a closed beta test before a full launch next month, some time in October. (You can request access via… Read More »

DF Direct: What’s really happening with Intel Arc graphics?

This week’s DF Direct is somewhat different than the usual show – a while back, Intel approached us, asking to be featured on a future episode to talk about its Arc graphics line. At the same time, Intel Fellow Tom Petersen, having seen our extensive image quality comparisons in our FSR 2.0 God of… Read More »

Spider-Man mods adds Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

There’s a mod for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC that lets you play as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It seems that the Turtle brothers aren’t satisfied with their own success with Shredder’s Revenge have made their way into Spider-Man’s territory. Created by SpaceDasher, the mod lets you choose between Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello or Michelangelo… Read More »

Elden Ring mod adds Lord of the Rings’ Sauron to the fight

The Lord of the Rings’ primary antagonist Sauron has come to Elden Ring thanks to a new armour mod. The mod comes from MaxTheMiracle, and reskins the player with Sauron’s black armour and humanoid figure seen in the likes of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings film adaptations (but without… Read More »

Watch Crash Bandicoot get his groove on in this fan-made mini-game remake

An upcoming Crash Bandicoot fan game will bring the dancefloor to Wumpa Island in a remake of one of the series’ lesser-known mini-games. Crash’N’Dance is being developed by indie dev Fierce the Bandit, who posted a short video of their current progress. The fan-made project is a rhythm game where players must hit button prompts… Read More »