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Tactical bullet hell RPG Grid Force out next week

Tactical bullet hell RPG Grid Force – Mask of the Goddess is set for release on 15th September. The game comes from UK developer Dreamnauts Studio and features a diverse, all-female cast of characters. It will release first on Steam, followed by Xbox and Switch versions soon after. The game… Read More »

This week’s Ubisoft Forward digital showcase will “unveil the future” of Assassin’s Creed

This Saturday brings another edition of Ubisoft Forward, showcasing the publisher’s roster of upcoming games, and in the run-up to its arrival Ubisoft has shared more on what viewers can expect to see when tuning in, including a look at the future of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. As previously announced, Ubisoft Forward gets… Read More »

Beware, Splatoon 3 story details have leaked online

Splatoon 3 has already leaked online, including major spoilers for the game’s story mode. We won’t be posting any spoilers here so if you want to stay spoiler-free before the game’s official release, be wary when searching for Splatoon 3 on YouTube or social media. Splatoon 3 will release on 9th September, but leaks were… Read More »

Jack Move is a brisk cyberpunk JRPG-alike that’s out this week

Jack Move. Jack Move. Here is a phrase that tickles somewhere, deep in the back of the brain, buried under boxes and old coats. Wasn’t someone…down for a Jack Move? I want to say William Gibson. One of the early ones – or maybe one of the present-day ones? Jack Move Developer: So Romantic… Read More »