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Fans think Naughty Dog left a clue about its next project in The Last of Us Part 1

The Last of Us Part 1 only released a few days ago for the PlayStation 5, but fans are already dissecting, and by extension discussing, every inch of its world. One such discussion taking place focuses on a potential new IP from Naughty Dog, that many believe will have a fantasy theme. This… Read More »

Watch Crash Bandicoot get his groove on in this fan-made mini-game remake

An upcoming Crash Bandicoot fan game will bring the dancefloor to Wumpa Island in a remake of one of the series’ lesser-known mini-games. Crash’N’Dance is being developed by indie dev Fierce the Bandit, who posted a short video of their current progress. The fan-made project is a rhythm game where players must hit button prompts… Read More »