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Ghostwire: Toyko’s upcoming R.E.A.L. VR mod is the best way to experience the game by far

Ghostwire: Toyko is one of the excedingly small number of video games that I’ve been bothered to grab all the trophies for. It wasn’t a fun Platinum either as, after about 10 hours in, the game gets rather repetitive and the trophy hunt becomes an absolute mind-numbing grind for collectibles. So why did I do… Read More »

Jack Move is a brisk cyberpunk JRPG-alike that’s out this week

Jack Move. Jack Move. Here is a phrase that tickles somewhere, deep in the back of the brain, buried under boxes and old coats. Wasn’t someone…down for a Jack Move? I want to say William Gibson. One of the early ones – or maybe one of the present-day ones? Jack Move Developer: So Romantic… Read More »