ICAR AIEEA Syllabus 2021 NTA UG PG AICE Ph.D. JRF/SRF Syllabus

By | July 27, 2021

Code No. & Name of Subject  Detailed Syllabus PDF 01 Genetics & Plant Breeding Download PDF 02 Seed Science & Technology Download PDF   03 Economic Botany and Plant Genetic Resources Download PDF  04 Plant Pathology Download PDF  05 Nematology Download PDF  06 Agricultural Entomology/Entomology Download PDF  07 Sericulture  Download PDF  08 Plant Biochemistry/ Biochemistry Download PDF   09 Plant Physiology/ Crop Physiology  Download PDF 10 Agricultural Biotechnology / Biotechnology/Molecular Biology & Biotechnology  Download PDF 11 Agricultural Microbiology/ Microbiology  Download PDF 12 Vegetable Science/Olericulture  Download PDF 13 Fruit Science/Pomology Download PDF  14 Floriculture & Landscaping/ Floriculture & Landscape Architecture Download PDF  15 Spices, Plantation, Medicinal & Aromatic Plants  Download PDF 16 Post Harvest Technology (Horticulture)  Download PDF 17 Animal Genetics & Breeding Download PDF  18 Animal Nutrition Download PDF  19 Livestock Production Management Download PDF  20 Livestock Products Technology Download PDF  21 Poultry Science  Download PDF 22 Veterinary Parasitology Download PDF  23 Veterinary Public Health/Veterinary Public Health & Epidemiology Download PDF  24 Veterinary Microbiology Download PDF  25 Veterinary Pathology Download PDF  26 Veterinary Medicine Download PDF  27 Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology  Download PDF  28 Vety. Gynaecology & Obstetrics/Animal Reproduction, Gynaecology & Obstetrics Download PDF  29 Veterinary Surgery & Radiology/Veterinary Surgery Download PDF  30 Veterinary Anatomy/Veterinary Anatomy & Histology Download PDF  31 Veterinary Physiology/ Animal Physiology  Download PDF  32 Veterinary Biochemistry /Animal Biochemistry  Download PDF  33 Animal Biotechnology  Download PDF 34 Dairy Chemistry  Download PDF  35 Food Technology  Download PDF 36 Dairy Microbiology Download PDF  37 Food Safety and Quality Assurance Download PDF  38 Dairy Technology Download PDF  39 Dairy Engineering  Download PDF  40 Farm Machinery and Power Engineering  Download PDF 41 Soil and Water Conservation Engineering / Soil and Water Engineering  Download PDF 42 Agricultural Processing and Food Engineering  Download PDF 43 Renewable Energy Engineering  Download PDF 44 Irrigation Water Management Engineering / Irrigation & Drainage Engineering Download PDF  45 Family Resource Management Download PDF  46 Textiles and Apparel Designing  Download PDF  47 Human Development and Family Studies/Human Development  Download PDF  48 Food Science and Nutrition/Human Nutrition Download PDF  49 Home Science Extension and Community Management Download PDF  50 Fisheries Resource Management Download PDF  51 Fish Processing Technology/Fish Post-Harvest Technology Download PDF  52 Fisheries Engineering & Technology Download PDF  53 Aquatic Environment Management Download PDF  54 Aquaculture  Download PDF  55 Fish Health Management/Aquatic Animal Health Management Download PDF   56 Fish Nutrition and Feed Technology Download PDF  57 Fish Genetics and Breeding  Download PDF  58 Fish Biotechnology Download PDF  59 Fish Physiology and Biochemistry Download PDF  60 Forestry /Agroforestry  Download PDF  61 Agricultural Meteorology  Download PDF  62 Environmental Sciences Download PDF  63 Agricultural Physics Download PDF  64 Agronomy Download PDF  65 Soil Sciences/Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry Download PDF  66 Agricultural Chemicals Download PDF  67 Water Science & Technology Download PDF  68 Agricultural Economics  Download PDF  69 Agribusiness Management  Download PDF 70 Agricultural Extension/ Extension Education/Communication Download PDF  71 Agricultural Statistics Download PDF  72 Bioinformatics  Download PDF 73 Computer Application & IT  Download PDF

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