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By | May 24, 2022

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How to start hand sanitizer business:

Friends, since the time Corona has knocked, the demand for masks and sanitizers is huge, now and in future, its demand is going to be very high, so I am looking for a good business idea which is profitable so that it can increase with time. Keeping this thinking in mind, we have brought the business idea of ​​hand sanitizer for you, so today we will talk about this. how to start hand sanitizer business And what are the things that are needed to understand all these topics in detail.

Friends, the business of hand sanitizer is going to run in the future because the supply is low and the demand is high, so you can easily grow your business and build your own brand if you are starting it on a small scale. So you can start this business at home and sell it in the local area or if you are starting it on a large scale, then you can market it on a large scale, so let’s know. How to start hand sanitizer business.

What is hand sanitizer (what is hand sanitizer) :-

Hand sanitizer is an English word, it means sanitizer in English. hand sanitizer There is such a means by which your hands are cleaned well, friends tell you that where soap and water are needed to clean hands, with the same hand sanitizer you can clean your hands without water, by using it. Used to remove germs or viruses from the hands

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Required license to make hand sanitizer – hand sanitizer license :-

To start a hand sanitizer business, you may need a license and registration, some of the major licenses and registrations that are required in the hand sanitizer business

Friends, it is necessary to take a license because it should not have any bad effect on anyone’s skin and for proof you may also need some certificates before entering the market which you should already have.

  1. Register of Companies with Register of Companies
  2. License under Factory Act
  3. drug and cosmetic license
  4. Fire License BIS Certification
  5. Registration under MSME and GST
  6. Trade license from Municipal Corporation etc. under local authority

Ingredients needed to make hand sanitizer:-

The ingredients required to make hand sanitizer are as follows:

Friends, before making hand sanitizer, you have to make sure that you hand sanitizer Which one is going to make, there are two types of hand sanitizer, first strong hand sanitizer and second mild hand sanitizer, although here we are going to give you information about the ingredients used in both the sanitizers –

  1. Ingredients Required for Strong Hand Sanitizer :- To make strong hand sanitizer, you will need isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol or vodka, aloe vera gel, vegetable glycerin, essential oil (such as tea tree, neem or clove), distilled water and an empty bottle to keep the sanitizer. Will be available in the market, which you can buy in bulk at cheap prices.
  2. Ingredients required for mild hand sanitizer:- To make mild hand sanitizer, only aloe vera gel and bacteria-killing essential oil are required, both of these things will be available in the market.

Type of hand sanitizer :-

There are two types of hand sanitizer, first strong hand sanitizer and second mild hand sanitizer, the information about both of them is as follows –

  1. Strong Hand Sanitizer :- This strong hand sanitizer is used the most because it has high alcohol content and is mostly used by elders and elders and it is quite strong for children so low alcohol mild hand sanitizer for children It has been made so that they do not have any side effects, however, strong hand sanitizer is the best to fight dangerous disease, you can earn good profits by producing this sanitizer.
  2. Mild hand sanitizer :- Anyone can use mild hand sanitizer, but especially keeping in mind the children, this sanitizer has been made, you can easily start your business by making this mild hand sanitizer at home,

Location for hand sanitizer business :-

Friends, you can start from your home to make hand sanitizer, if you have 800 to 1000 square meters of free space at your house, then you can easily start and you do not need to take a room on rent outside so that your expenses too. Will save and start this business as soon as possible because its demand is very high right now.

Process for making hand sanitizer:-

The process of making hand sanitizer is very simple, you have to mix all the ingredients and fill it in an empty plastic bottle, try to use a spray bottle so that there is more sale in the market, in this you do not need any machine. is

Total cost to start hand sanitizer business :-

If you are starting small hand sanitizer business In starting the cost can come to you from 10 to 15 thousand, then it depends on you at which level you want to start. If you are starting this business, then you may have to rent a place, its cost is different.

Where to sell hand sanitizer :-

You can sell hand sanitizer in your local area, nowadays you get hand sanitizer in small shops, target those shops or you can also sell in wholesale or you can sell in retail, in today’s time hand sanitizer If you keep the quality in mind, then you can easily sell the market.

Benefits of hand sanitizer business :-

By selling hand sanitizer, you can earn a very good profit and you can make a good profit by packing it up to 1 liter 2 liters 5,10 50 liters and adding your margin on it, say you can sell a sanitizer bottle of Rs 70 in the market for Rs 100 In this, you can also sell 250 ml, 500 ml bottles in the market because this type of bottle has more sales in the market, then you can make your profit in this way and earn lakhs.

conclusion :-

friends we have you hand sanitizer how to start business And we have tried to give all the information about how much the hand sanitizer business will cost, hope you have understood all the information.


Q : sanitizer meaning in hindi?

Ans: sanitizer in hindi It is called Prakshalak which means to clean your hands thoroughly.

Q : best sanitizer in india


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