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By | May 24, 2022

Hello friends :- Often this question keeps coming in your mind that how to earn money from mobile from home Can we really earn money from mobile and how much we can earn, keeping this in mind, we are going to give you all the information in this article and how to earn money from mobile This is also going to answer the question

Friends, many people choose the wrong way and then they feel that all this is useless and do not have patience to do that work and leave that work, the way we are going to tell, if you work hard then you You will definitely get results soon, you just have to keep working hard, surely you will be successful in your work and will be able to make a good income.

Well there are many ways but how to earn money from mobile To know this, we will talk about some big platforms, so today we will talk about what are the ways with the help of which you can earn from mobile online.

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How to earn money from mobile sitting at home (mobile se paise kaise kamaye)

Friends how to earn money from mobile from home We have brought some methods for you, these methods are genuine, friends, keep one thing in mind, where there is a sort cut, a person often spreads, but where you work for a long time, there is no kind of fraud. You have to be patient, you definitely get the result, so let’s know what are those se paise kaise kamaye) By which you can earn money from mobile sitting at home, so let’s know.

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Overview :-

meesho se paise kaise kamaye :-

Youtube se paise kaise kamaye :-

blogging se paise kaise kamaye :-

instagram se paise kaise kamaye :-

Affiliate Marketing Se Paise Kaise Kamaye:

mobile se paise kaise kamaye of part no.1

1. meesho se paise kaise kamaye :-

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Friends, E-commerce is growing very fast in India, in which big companies like amazon, flipkart are doing their business very fast and ever since the corona has come, the demand for online shopping is very big, in the meantime to earn online. Opportunities are also coming out, they are also sitting at home, so we have brought online shopping platform meesho for you, so let’s know how to do business with meesho and how much money you can earn from meesho.

Friends meesho is a reselling online platform, you can earn from 20 to 50 thousand or even more by doing some work sitting at home without any investment in meesho meesho is an Indian application and is quite trusted, more than 10 lakh products in meesho application Are available which you get at wholesaler rate

By selling those products ahead and setting your margin on it, you can earn profit. The special thing of meesho application is that you have to sell the product in this, the work of the backend is to deliver the product to the customer, collect money from the customer. Meesho himself takes care of all this work and taking the product back from the customer in case he doesn’t like the product.

Friends, special care has been taken of the quality of the product in Meesho, in this no local product is sold and secondly, the products are available very cheap in the wholesaler price, so that there is no problem in selling.

How to sell Meesho’s product :-

Friends, you can sell the product of meesho through social media like by creating a catalog of the product in WhatsApp business, then by creating a group on WhatsApp, you can sell the people from there and by selling the product through Instagram, Telegram, Facebook in social platforms. can

Facebook Sell ​​from :- Friends, we tell you the best way to sell meesho’s product, in this we will take the help of Facebook, nowadays everyone uses Facebook, first of all, you have to open Facebook, then you can list any product of meesho by going to the marketplace. You have to download the photo of that product from the app, then copy the detail of the product and paste that detail in the Facebook marketplace.

And it is free, there is no charge, from here your product will be visible to the people so that people will contact you and talk to you, then after talking to them you will take their address and then go to meesho app and add your margin to their product order place. When the product is delivered, after that your margin will come in your meesho account, which can be taken in your bank account.

For more information about Meesho read this article – click here

mobile se paise kaise kamaye of part no.2

2. YouTube se paise kaise kamaye :-

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Friends, when it comes to earning money online, you search on YouTube, but you know where you are watching videos, millions of people are earning money from it and that is the YouTube platform.

YouTube is a product of Google and you know that Google is a big and trusted company, you will not believe that people are earning crores of rupees from YouTube, then you can imagine how much potential there is in this if you have not yet created a YouTube channel, then now Make and earn money, we will tell you what to do and how we can earn money from YouTube, so let’s know –

Friends, you must have a smartphone and internet connection, then you can easily earn money, first of all you have to select the topic according to your interest, in this 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time should be completed only then you can earn money. In whichever topic you will make a video, you will upload it to YouTube, you have to keep posting videos regularly.

Your videos will become viral due to which your subscription will increase and watch time will also increase due to which your channel will be monetized and then you will start earning money, before that one thing must be kept in mind that you should have your own video and not copied from here and there. It should be because it is against Google’s policy, then you make your own content meaning video so that you will not have any problem in monetization.

Friends, Google gives you 54% of the advertisement as earnings and keeps the remaining 45% of the share itself, so this is how it earns, some advertisements from YouTube are expensive and also cheap, so there is no certainty in this if you earn less in any month. There is more earning in the month, but as your channel gets bigger, your earnings will double.

mobile se paise kaise kamaye of part no.3

3. blogging se paise kaise kamaye :-

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Friends, blogging is a very great way to earn money online, although the hard work is a bit more in it, but the results are going to be available for lifetime, in this you have to have some patience and it works like passive income, it is a little different from YouTube and different. Works on factor, in this you have to do topic research, on which topic you are writing your article and how much is its search volume.

There are two platforms for blogging. blogger And the second wordpress, in which you can start your blogging, blogger is a free platform, it does not cost any kind, but in wordpress you cost hosting and domain, this cost can be from 2000 to 3000 rupees.

People spend in WordPress because some advanced plugins and website customization are done well in it, which is good for search ranking and with the help of plugin, you can bring your site’s content to Google search, these plugins are very helpful. is

friends will try wordpress But do blogging only so that you can get quick success, although it will definitely cost you a little, you should settle on WordPress by juggling somewhere.

If you want to make your blog on WordPress, then first you have to take a hosting and domain, then you have to select a good theme, then you have to customize it and then you have to enter daily article and that article should be unique and not copy paste from anywhere. If you write the content yourself, there will be no copyright problem and your article will also rank in Google.

How to earn from blogging :- Earning from blogging is from advertising, which will show ads in your article, if someone clicks on that ad, then you get paid according to the cost per click, friends, the whole game of earning from blogging means the traffic of your blog to your site. How many people visit in a month and how many people click and earn in that way

How to get Google absence approval :- Your site should not be under construction, that means your site should be completely customized, you should have contact page, about page, privacy policy, disclaimer on your site, then you will easily get approval of Google absence.

Friends, when your 20 to 25 articles are completed, then you can apply for Google AdSense, then you get the approval of Google AdSense, then you start making money, although you will earn less in the beginning but when the articles on your blog will be more public. So the ranking of your site will increase due to which people will come to your site, which will earn you good income.

mobile se paise kaise kamaye of part no.4

4. Instagram se paise kaise kamaye :-

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Instagram is a very popular platform Instagram is one of the most used platform in India so do you know how to make money from instagram goes

Instagram is a social media platform through which we share photos and videos, its interface is very good so that people like more but now many people are earning millions of rupees from Instagram and this is a great opportunity for you people to make money. Along with earning you can also build your brand value

You can earn money from Instagram in these ways:-

1 paid promotion

2 by affiliate marketing

3 by brand promotion

4 Selling Instagram Pages

5 By promoting someone’s channel

how to make money from instagram For full information read this article – income from instagram

mobile se paise kaise kamaye of part no.5

5. Affiliate Marketing Se Paise Kaise Kamaye :-

20210529 161551

Friends, if you know about blogging, then you will also know a little about affiliate, but very few people know it and in present times there is a very popular field like people keep searching for how to earn money online. The logo gets to know that the affiliate what is marketing now know that how to earn money by affiliate marketing ,

affiliate What is marketing :- Friends, in affiliate blogging, you join the affiliate program of any company and promote and sell the product of that company, then that company provides commission, meaning you get commission, it is your earning like amazon, flipkart etc. companies that have affiliate programs

Let us understand by example: – amazon keeps all categories wise commission fixed, suppose you have joined affiliate program of amazon and you have sold a product of 10,000 and there is a commission of 10% on that product, then you earn 1000.

The best way to earn from affiliate is to create your own affiliate blog and post the article in detail about the product and add your affiliate link in that post and write a good seo article and whenever your site will be ranked in google People will come to your site, if they like the product, then they will buy that product from that link, from which you will earn as commission.

Conclusion :-

Friends mobile se paise kaise kamaye And together we have told 5 ways in which meesho se paise kaise kamaye , Youtube se paise kaise kamaye, blogging se paise kaise kamaye, instagram se paise kaise kamaye , Affiliate Marketing Se Paise Kaise Kamaye So I hope you have understood all the information, you can visit our site for similar information. Hello friends

FAQ :-

Q – How to earn money for free?

Ans :- Friends, free means you can easily earn money sitting at home without investing any money, such as YouTube, blogging, online teaching, freelancing and other means from where you can start without any investment.

Q – How do women earn money sitting at home?

Ans :- Women can also easily earn money sitting at home, if they know a little about the internet, then they can work on platforms like YouTube, freelancing.

Q – How to earn more money in less time?

Ans :- Friends, there is no short cut to earn money, wherever you work, it takes some time but later the result is very good, if you are looking for online work, then it takes time or you can start an offline business in which 4 It takes 6 months to do business like incense sticks.

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