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By | June 4, 2022

Many businesses now conduct their operations entirely online, thanks to the advent of internet-based technology. Using a proxy server has been shown to have multiple advantages for firms conducting their operations online. Databases have been breached in the past without the use of a peer-to-business (P2B) proxy network, and this has harmed many businesses.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the benefits of using the Infatica P2B network in business.

It Increases Cyber Security for Your Company

Hacking data is a real concern for many companies these days. A data breach is extremely costly, and it can cost a company more than just money. It can cause a complete loss of public trust.

The P2B proxy network reduces the risk of data leaks by providing an additional layer of security. For this reason, they are used as buffers instead of actual servers. They also handle requests from devices that aren’t connected to the network.

Higher Speed and Lower Bandwidth Consumption

A P2B proxy network can keep track of your online requests. You can also use them to save web pages that you frequently visit offline. When an identical request comes in from another internal network-connected device, you can then use the cataloged information. This saves money by minimizing bandwidth use as well as operating costs. As a result, web pages load more quickly, thereby increasing browsing speed.

Helps in Obtaining Market Insights

A company must have the right strategy to outperform the competition and prosper in the market. Collecting niche-specific data is easier when you have the correct tools at your disposal. However, many corporations have protected their websites against competitor scrapers.

By altering the company’s IP address, the P2B proxy network allows you to scrape websites without being flagged. IP addresses are unique identifiers that are used to track surfing activity. Besides that, they also have a GPS. A proxy server can shield your company’s real address from watchful eyes by providing you with a fictitious IP address.

As an added benefit, using the P2B proxy network gives you access to social media accounts. It is possible to look at websites and consumer reviews of your rivals, as well. This activity aids your preparation and gives you an advantage in the marketplace.

Assists in Accomplishing Sensitive Tasks While Maintaining Privacy

Using a P2B proxy network reduces the risk of a security breach. It serves as an additional layer of protection between your company’s servers and the outside world. Proxy servers serve as an ideal buffer since they are exposed to the internet and receive requests from devices that are not connected to the local network.

When you use the P2B proxy network, your business can remain completely anonymous, which can shield you from any type of attack.

Prevents Server Crashes by Balancing Traffic

Websites can go down if their traffic isn’t evenly distributed. Even worse, they do it just when you least expect it. To avoid this, you can use the P2B proxy network to prevent it.

All of your information, as well as any other content on your website, is saved on the internet. To put it another way, it allows customers to access your content from a variety of Internet service providers. The P2B proxy network establishes a new web address that serves as an access point. It’s also a good idea to use it to keep your website running smoothly and avoid downtime.

As a result, you’re better protected while also enjoying an improved user experience.

Enhances Email Security

A vast number of emails are sent to businesses each day, some of which contain dangerous URLs. Because of this, employee accounts can be easily hacked or manipulated to carry out nefarious operations.

To avoid these incidents, companies should ensure that their email accounts are adequately protected. Using a P2B proxy network is a great way to keep your identity safe. Each email is thoroughly scanned for any harmful links and attachments before being sent.

Enables Web Scraping for Business

Competitive analysis, market research, and SEO monitoring can all be done with web scraping. Using a P2B proxy network, businesses can gain access to information that will help them flourish in their industry.

Using a P2B proxy network, you can access websites even if they aren’t available in your area because they operate as a gateway. In this approach, you will be able to come up with and implement more effective marketing strategies and gain an advantage over your competitors.

Aids in Software Testing and Monitoring

New functionalities for mobile applications and websites can be tested with the use of a P2B proxy network. They also give developers a better understanding of how their product performs in a variety of environments. Companies can also test the performance of their software in high-load scenarios. This is achievable thanks to the use of residential IP addresses.


The internet can be a dangerous place at times; therefore, precautions should be taken to safeguard your company online. Because of the advantages listed above, any business will benefit from utilizing a P2B proxy network.

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