Gangaur festival celebrated in Rajasthan

By | April 6, 2022

The Gangaur festival is celebrated in Rajasthan and some parts of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and West Bengal. It is one of Rajasthan’s most important festivals and is observed with great fervour across the state. The women worship Gauri, the wife of Lord Shiva during the period of this festival which is from March to April. This festival celebrates the harvest, spring, childbearing, and marital fidelity.

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The unmarried women worship Gauri to seek her blessings for finding a good husband. The married women worship her for health, welfare, happy married life, and long life of their husbands. On the first day of Chaitra, the day following Holi, this festival begins and continues for a period of 16 days.

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  • Chief Minister of Rajasthan: Ashok Gehlot; Governor: Kalraj Mishra.

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Gangaur festival of rajasthan: Gangaur festival celebrated in Rajasthan_60.1

Gangaur festival of rajasthan: Gangaur festival celebrated in Rajasthan_70.1

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