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ETH Surges 7% Daily as Ethereum Network Prepares for Bellatrix Upgrade

The Bellatrix upgrade, which kicks off the final countdown for the Merge, is all set for today. It will essentially set the rest of the Merge process in motion, which is only days away. The price has also reacted in anticipation for what is the final upgrade before Ethereum’s network transitions toward proof of stake.… Read More »

What is the Bellatrix Hard Fork: Ethereum’s Last Upgrade Before the Merge

Ethereum is on the precipice of transitioning to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm, and the Bellatrix hard fork is the last major upgrade before the actual Merge takes place. Bellatrix is taking place today, September 6th, scheduled for epoch 144896 on the Beacon Chain. Here’s everything you need to know about it. TLDR: The Merge… Read More »

How to Benefit from Ethereum’s Merge: CoinGecko’s Co-Founder Hints

With the much-anticipated Ethereum Merge only days away, Bobby Ong, co-founder and COO of major cryptocurrency data aggregator CoinGecko, has shared some ways on how ETH holders can best take advantage of the upcoming event. In a tweet thread on Monday (September 5, 2022), Bobby Ong said that one of the best ways for existing… Read More »

Experts Divided on How the Merge Will Affect Price of Ethereum (ETH)

Some experts expect the price of Ethereum (ETH) to rise following its transition to proof-of-stake (PoS) with the impending Merge, though others have warned of risks. Within the next two weeks, Ethereum’s mainnet will integrate with the system’s Beacon Chain, a PoS chain whose launch in Dec 2020 served as the first step toward the… Read More »

Vitalik Buterin Wears Dinosaur Costume, Becomes Fashion God

Vitalik Buterin gives zero Fs about what you think he should wear. In fact, he is THE fashion icon of our time. While many of us don’t understand the hotness, a lot of others certainly do.   De University of Ethereum (UETH) is a decentralized global educational platform. UETH aims for mass adoption of the… Read More »