CUET English Reading Comprehension Test 5 

By | April 5, 2022


Reading Comprehension Test 5 for CUET Aspirants

On the basis of your reading of the passage and other visual inputs, choose the correct option to answer the questions which follow:

Status of domesticated elephants

Records indicate that the management of domesticated elephants in Nepal has a long history and is said to have begun in 1903. At one time there were 31 elephant camps throughout the lowlands of Nepal. The capture and training of wild animals was a common practice in the past. A total of 17 domesticated elephants were released into the wild in 1914 and 10 wild elephants were captured for domestication during 1954-1970.

Although the reason for releasing elephants into the wild is not mentioned in reports, it can be assumed that those elephants were released because of the difficulty of finding them work and because of their old age.

Table 1. Elephant populations at ten year intervals between 1903 and 1973

Years 1903 1913 1923 1933 1943 1953 1963 1973

No. of elephants 328 234 198 199 180 136 80 47

Fig. 1. Declining trend of domesticated elephant populations at ten-year intervals between 1903 and 1973


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