Board Exam Cancel: Petitions, Demands, Supreme Court Decision

By | April 6, 2022

For the past two months, students from all states are hackling and demanded the cancellation of the board exams. Students approached various news agencies and public welfare organizations and put their side of the bargain. The majority of the students urged the government to cancel the offline exam and carry out the online exams for all state boards.

Board Exam Cancel News

The 4th wave of Covid-19 is expected by many countries including India. Parents are tensed that the safety of the children will be on the line if offline exams are commenced by the boards. Most of the states conducted online classes and now the exams are going to be conducted offline.

In this article, we are gonna cover all the details like what the students demanded and what the supreme court of India decided about canceling the board exams.

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Board Exam Cancel Petition

Many petitions were being signed by the students on the various online and offline levels. On students signed the petition (Example) and tried to get their demand noticed.

Board exam cancel news

The movement got so much hype that the supreme court had to conduct a hearing on this matter. Below you can check the demands of students along with the response of the government.

Demands placed by the students

There were three major demands placed by the students and their representatives. Those are:

#1. As the classes were online, the government should ask the state and central education boards to conduct the exams online only,

#2. Boards should look into an alternate assessment formula to award students with marks, be it on the basis of internal assessment or the online exams.

#3. The syllabus has not been covered due to irregular classes so how can students be part of the exam which they have not studied about.

Supreme Court Decision on Cancellation of Board exams

On Wednesday, the supreme court rejected the plea of conducting exams online. Court has instructed the exam authorities to continue with online exams. The hearing bench of the court reprimanded the petitioner ‘hearings on such petitions increases the confusion among students and exam authorities.’

The bench of Justice A.M. Khanwilkar also stated ‘this is the pre-mature petition and the court won’t interfere in this matter.’ Just to inform you, the respective lawyer and child rights activist filed the petition seeking alternative assessment tests instead of offline 10th and 12th board examinations. The petition also stated, due to COVID-19, offline classes were not conducted. Following this, board exams should also not be held offline.

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