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Short Bitcoin Products Continue to Dominate Low Volume Inflows

Investment products that involve shorting Bitcoin dominated inflows over the past week, amounting overall to $9.2 million. These inflows were characterized by low trading volumes, similar to the past few weeks, many of which saw multi-year lows, amounting to just $915 million. According to the latest CoinShares report, total assets under management (AuM) have now… Read More »

Economists Split on US Recession, so What Now Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was created after the last big recession in 2009, but this time around the rules of the game have changed. In a post-truth world U.S. economists are now unable to agree on whether a U.S. recession is likely or not, has started or has not, or even how to define a recession. The Federal… Read More »

Canaan Adds 180 BTC to Reserves, Posting Better Than Expected Figures

China-based tech firm Canaan has boosted its Bitcoin holdings by 180 to a total of 346 BTC despite the market downturn. The firm, which makes cryptocurrency mining equipment, reported sales of 1.65 billion yuan (around $238 million), a year-over-year growth of 52.8%.  At the same time, the company’s net profit reached 608.9 million yuan (close to… Read More »

There’s Too Much Money and Power Behind Crypto to Ban It: Congressman Sherman

Congressman Brad Sherman, who represents California’s San Fernando Valley in the U.S. Congress, is a keen critic of the cryptocurrency industry. In his view, it undermines the dominance of the American dollar and is a threat to the country’s national security. However, Sherman does not believe the government can prohibit the asset class “anytime soon”… Read More »