4 Dividend Stocks To Buy In April 2023

Mongkol Onnuan April has arrived and just like that we are one quarter of the way through 2023. Three quarters remain and a lot more unknown about what the future holds for the stock market: Are Interest rates done rising? Will interest rates be cut at the end of the year? Is the financial sector… Read More »

I Bonds: Recent Developments

Andres Victorero Author’s note: This article was released to CEF/ETF Income Laboratory members on March 24th. I’ve written about I Bonds, inflation-protected bonds issued by the U.S. Treasury, several times in the recent past. Owing to their strong performance and enduring popularity, thought to write an article looking at how conditions and fundamentals have changed… Read More »

March: Going Out Like A Lamb After Wrestling With A Lion

Darren415 Overview The banking stress that roiled the markets this month has eased. However, the emergency lending by the Federal Reserve, via the discount window and new Bank Term Funding Program, hardly slowed in the past week ($152.6 billion vs. $163.9 billion). Money markets took in more funds. Almost $305 billion has flowed to them… Read More »

Nickel Miners News For The Month Of March 2023

Photon-Photos Welcome to the nickel miners news for March. The past month saw a slow month of news from nickel producers and a busy month of news from the nickel juniors. Nickel price news As of March 30, the nickel spot price was USD 10.71, lower than USD 11.27 last month. LME shows the price… Read More »

Privia Health Group: Promising Outlook Ahead (NASDAQ:PRVA)

svetikd Thesis I reiterate my buy rating in Privia Health Group (NASDAQ:PRVA) after reviewing its strong 4Q22 results and their 2023 guidance. I believe there is room for improvement despite the fact that their forecasts were slightly above market expectations. This is largely based on my belief that management tends to be conservative (as can… Read More »

United Airlines Is Ready To Fly Higher (NASDAQ:UAL)

PK-Photos Airline stocks are not ones that I generally gravitate towards, and that’s in part because their destinies are somewhat out of their hands. They’re beholden to demand from travelers (which became an issue in early-2020, in case you missed that), fuel prices, supply of specialized labor, unions, and more. However, there are times when… Read More »

Medical Properties Trust Yielding 15.5%: Fish Or Cut Bait? (NYSE:MPW)

ronstik I was having dinner this week with several of my trusted analysts at Wide Moat Research and the subject of Medical Properties Trust, Inc. (NYSE:MPW) came up. As most everyone knows, this real estate investment trust, or REIT, has been a battleground stock that’s now yielding a whopping 15.5%. Yahoo Finance Shares are now… Read More »

Holly Energy Partners: Fundamentals Keep Strengthening Despite Market Noise (NYSE:HEP)

sasirin pamai Introduction Early in 2023, it seemed that the scene was set for higher distributions for the unitholders of Holly Energy Partners, L.P. (NYSE:HEP), as my previous article discussed. Whilst yet to eventuate, the prospects are growing stronger after management more clearly articulated that such a move should be forthcoming, likely later in 2023.… Read More »

Olo Has Passed Its Easy Growth Cycle (NYSE:OLO)

FG Trade Olo Inc. (NYSE:OLO) offers restaurant brands the ability to leverage on-demand digital commerce solutions, ranging from digital ordering and delivery to front-of-house management and payments. With an open SaaS platform consisting of 14 modules, including the widely used OLO ordering module, rails module, and dispatch module, OLO provides comprehensive support for restaurant operations.… Read More »

Banking Crisis: A Buying Opportunity

Bank Collapsing Henrik5000 The banking crisis has caused some jitters in the market. The market as a whole seemed to recover from these worries and pulled through with a gain last week. The effects of the banking failures and concerns on the broader economy are worthy of an article in and of itself. Could it… Read More »